Increasing Employee Productivity with Microsoft Search in Bing & PowerApps

Reading Time: 9 minutes Want To Enhance Employee Productivity? Here’s How Technology is evolving each year and with that, it is automating different business processes to ease the workload for entrepreneurs. However, one of the major concerns for every business has always been employee… Continue Reading →

Android – How To Reduce Android App Size

Reading Time: 9 minutes How To Reduce Android App Size -7 Strategies That Will Work For You Why We have to reduce android app APK size? Android is one of the most approached operating systems due to its user-friendly interface and accessibility to millions… Continue Reading →

Native vs Cross-Platform Native Development: Which one is right for your requirements?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Introduction Native vs Cross-Platform Native Development It will always be a struggle in choosing the better one. Because of this conflict, the web world confines in choosing anyone. Every tech updates daily and so to choose the right one between… Continue Reading →

iOS Application Bundle By Flutter

Reading Time: 8 minutes In today’s article, we gonna discuss how Flutter’s build system converts Flutter project with its goods into an iOS application bundle. We will also let you know the purpose of generated objects so that it can help you to integrate… Continue Reading →

PowerApps Portal: Out for Public Review

Reading Time: 7 minutes Introduction to PowerApps Portal: An ability to build responsive and low-code websites for an external stakeholder that can view data from CDS – Common Data Service system by logging in as an authenticated user. PowerApps Portal allows external users to directly… Continue Reading →

AppStudio for ArcGIS – Another Native Cross-Platform Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes Build Mobile Mapping Apps in a Blink The ArcGIS is changing the GIS app uprising. Appstudio for ArcGIS is a handy and sophisticated tool. Without any developer skills, you can build the maps into user-friendly apps, aesthetic in look, steady… Continue Reading →

How flutter app development influences startups and enterprises?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Have you ever imagined a smartphone with no features and apps in it? It would be considered as a piece of solid plastic with an operating system. That’s the importance of mobile apps! In this modern era, mobile has revolutionized… Continue Reading →

The Battle Of Cross-Platform Frameworks like Facebook Vs Google which mean Flutter Vs ReactNative

Reading Time: 8 minutes As in our earlier article, you have seen the different Cross-Platform frameworks to built different mobile application development but one thing we forgot to inform you is that the internal battle among the Cross-Platform Frameworks. In Today’s article we gonna… Continue Reading →

Android Q vs iOS 13 – Which is better?

Reading Time: 9 minutes 2019 can be considered as a remarkable year that has witnessed great advancement in different technologies. Recently, the two most popular operating systems run by the topmost mobile brands, Apple and Google have introduced an upgraded version to Android and… Continue Reading →

Need To Know About Payment Gateway Integration in Flutter

Reading Time: 7 minutes In Today’s era, we live online shopping, online stores all become integral and competition becomes more tough day by day hence the e-commerce business owners are moving to opt for other methods to succeed. 1. Payment Gateway Integration: To make… Continue Reading →

Enhance your apps with AI Builder

Reading Time: 9 minutes Microsoft announced the investments they’re going to make in developing the Power Platform with the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence. Power platform is a low-code base. It helps companies to automate business processes, scrutinize data, organize information and deal with it… Continue Reading →

Flutter: A Portable UI Framework For Mobile, Web, Embedded, And Desktop

Reading Time: 11 minutes Recently, at the beginning of this year, Google released its first I/O technical preview of Flutter for web development. Google flutter I/O team has extended their focus from mobile to integrate with a broader set of devices. Flutter has been… Continue Reading →

Cross-Platform App Frameworks: Let’s Discuss Where They Stand In 2019

Reading Time: 9 minutes First Let’s Have A Brief Introduction About Cross-Platform App Frameworks: A framework that provides developers a complete set of tools with a purpose to increase productivity to resolve common issues. If your company is creating any kind of mobile applications… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Powerapps Development Platform to Step Up to Blockchain Tools & No Code AI

Reading Time: 7 minutes Microsoft has stepped up various optimizations for its powerful platform. This would cover a unique tool which will make it simpler to connect the code packages of pre-built AI to current Powerapps. Thus, making it available for the public to… Continue Reading →

Moodle A Complete ELearning Solution Provider For Customised E-Learning Needs

Reading Time: 7 minutes Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment – MOODLE, an openly accessible learning management system also known as e-learning framework. Moodle is designed to help learners, administrators, and educators with secure and flexible solutions. To Set-up a successful e-school concept that unboxes… Continue Reading →

One Of The Top Flutter and React Native App Development Company: Concetto Labs

Reading Time: 8 minutes Concetto Labs is an award-winning cloud, web, and mobile application development company. The next generation of mobile app development for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows platforms provide by us. Among the top mobile application development companies, it has been named… Continue Reading →

The Brilliant Choice For Your Next iOS Development With Single Code: Flutter

Reading Time: 9 minutes In order to develop new mobile applications with the latest technologies, app development agencies look for cross-platform solutions and some of the companies have a fixed budget and a small span of time to launch different apps daily. Nowadays, a… Continue Reading →

Performance testing of Flutter app

Reading Time: 11 minutes The flutter framework does an amazing job just by being super faster that too by default. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll overlook its performance completely. Every new technology or trend has its own pros and cons, and so is the… Continue Reading →

Flutter  -  Firebase Performance and Crashlytics

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you are a mobile app developer then you might have known what is Firebase. It’s a platform for developing mobile apps owned by Google in 2014. It offers various features like as an ML Kit, and Cloud storage Authentication… Continue Reading →

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